“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it,
I don’t feel I should be doing something else.”
– Gloria Steinem
Copy that makes you shine
My unique selling proposition 
Energy, enthusiasm, and experience. That’s what I have to offer, but what you get is value: copywriting that gets you noticed and means higher conversion rates and an improved bottom line.
My unique selling proposition:  I have 25 years of copywriting wisdom – success in cutting through clutter and turning complex concepts into crisp, clear copy. And I’ve put that skill to work for advertising agencies, software, healthcare, health IT, recruitment, and technology firms, and for innovative companies, wherever I can find them.
How I approach writing copy
As a marketing copywriter, success means creating marketing copy that works – that meets and, better yet, exceeds the objective. Even when every bone in my body cries out for a clever headline, I stop and ask clients the critical question: What keeps your customers awake at night?
My approach, then, is to begin with research, which is why I have a passion for research and endless learning and also what makes me so successful in writing about complex subjects. In a perfect world, I would always be part of a marketing team, working together, brainstorming the best approaches, and creating solid positioning that works across the marketing campaign.
In this world, whatever its parameters or challenges, I believe in excellence, every day, for every project.